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Consultation Services for Businesses and Speaking Events 

Proverbs 15:22 says "without consultation, plans are frustrated, but with many counselors they succeed."  Consultation is is at the heart of every successful organization and at 805 Counseling Services, we aim to meet you at your company's point of greatest need.  Businesses are most effective when employees are most satisfied.  Where are your employees today?  Are you experiencing high turn over?  How could your organization benefit from having a professional counseling consultant available to work with your employees?  It's not built into every company's budget, but it should be.  Vision takes buy in from the people you employ and we come alongside of you to evaluate your current needs, satisfaction of your staff, and then take pro-active and practical steps toward strengthening your company's infrastructure by strengthening your staff.  How?  We start by identifying and uprooting systemic deficiencies caused by interpersonal dysfunctions common to the workplace, and then work to replace them with attainable and sustainable goals to improve efficiency and production!  Our process consists of providing counseling, coaching, and consultation to the very employees who comprise your company.  We listen to yours and their concerns, frustrations, goals, and aspirations, and then counsel and coach individuals to a place of job satisfaction where both employee and company experience increased growth and production.  We offer the following motivational speaking engagements:

 "Motivational Monday" sessions

"Warrior Wednesday" consultations, and

Fearless Friday" bonus brunch meetings 

If you want to learn more about each of these services and how to increase the job satisfaction of your staff,  call or email us at the following:


Dr. Heather Flores







Dr. Flores is available to speak at your company, church, or event depending on availability.  She is personable, relatable, and warm, but unapologetically transparent in her approach to helping others find their own inner warrior. She leads the room with both humor and raw truth about the challenges of getting to where we want to be in life.  You see problems, but she will show you the opportunity; You feel stuck, yet she will challenge you to climb.  Whatever the obstacles your own path contains, you'll leave her speaking engagements feeling empowered and daring to believe that the impossible really is just around the corner.  Your best life doesn't start tomorrow, it starts now!


Call today to book her for your next event!


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