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Our Team

A Husband and Wife Team -  Helping You to Thrive, Flourish, and Overcome

Dr. Heather Flores


CEO, Certified Life Coach, Christian Counselor, & Consultant

Warm and engaging, full of compassion and empathy, Dr. Flores has an uncanny way of making people feel loved and welcome from the minute they step through the door.  She spends half of her time providing 1:1 counseling and certified life coaching services to individuals, couples, families, and groups and the other half of her time in the company's consultation department.  Here, she contracts with organizations seeking to reduce turnover by providing recruitment services, onboarding assistance, and ongoing counseling support once a company's staff are in place.  

Alexander Flores, MTh.


CFO, Certified Life Coach, and Consultant

Pragmatic and firm, but compassionate and welcoming, Alexander is a Certified Life Coach who takes a no-nonsense approach to helping individuals from all walks of life.  Having worked in the construction industry for 20 years, he decided to expand from building homes and businesses to also building people.  His foundation is one of tough love and accountability for where we find ourselves in our mess, but it's precisely in that mess that he finds a way of helping others to realize their life's deepest messages. The test you walk in with will be the testimony you walk out with.  He makes sure everyone who works with him feels unconditionally accepted so they can become their best self.  Alexander provides 1:1 life coaching services for the company's adult male population who are seeking financial guidance, career growth, addiction recovery, and men in crisis.  


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