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Parenting Group - Loving Support: Parents & LGBTQ Teens Together


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12 Weeks

About the Course

Virtual Peer Support Group

Loving Support: Parents & LGBTQ Teens Together

Support for parents to understand and affirm their LGBTQ teens.


75 min


2 - 8


Dr. Heather Flores  


Realizing your teen is navigating their LGBTQ identity can bring up a mix of emotions and questions for any parent. This group offers a supportive setting to learn how to be the best ally for your child, providing insights and resources to help understand their experience and needs.

Topics We Will Cover Include:

  • Understanding LGBTQ Identities:

  • Basic knowledge to grasp the spectrum of sexual and gender identities.

  • Effective and Supportive Communication: Tips for talking with your teen in ways that affirm their identity and experiences.

  • Challenges Faced by LGBTQ Youth: Insight into the social and mental health issues LGBTQ teens might face and how parents can support.

  • Creating a Safe and Welcoming Home: Strategies for fostering an environment where your teen feels loved and accepted.

  • Navigating Resources and Support: Where to find professional help and community support for both parents and teens.

Why Join This Group?

  • Knowledge Empowers: Equip yourself with the understanding needed to support your LGBTQ teen effectively.

  • Build a Support Network: Connect with other parents on similar journeys, sharing experiences and learning together.

  • Affirmation and Acceptance: Learn how to provide the affirming support your teen needs to thrive.

This group is a space where parents can grow in their role as supportive allies to their LGBTQ teens. Dr. Heather Flores invites you to join and strengthen the bond with your child through understanding and love.

Your Instructor

Dr. Heather Flores

Dr. Flores, Certified Life Coach and Christian Counselor

Dr. Heather Flores
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